Custom Website Design

The process of creating a successful website:

1. Contract: All projects start with a contract so there are NO surprises!
2. Strategy: Together we’ll define your audiences and your outcomes. From there I will create a Website Map (or flow chart) that you approve. NO design is done until we know what we are going to put on the website.
Designing a website without a plan is like building a house without a blueprint.  
Website Map3. Website Design: TekMiss will recommend a design (or set of designs) that you approve.
4. Content: TekMiss will create a worksheet for the content needed. Together we’ll determine where all of the text, images, videos, etc. will come from.
5. Creation: Your website design will be created online so you can see the work in progress.
6. Hosting: Most websites are hosted where you have registered your domain name (i.e. GoDaddy, BlueHost). If you have not registered  your domain name, TekMiss will help you do that and set up the hosting with your complete cooperation (no surprises!)
7. Training: TekMiss provides training so you can manage (add, edit and delete) your website.

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