We all want to be successful and fulfill our most important needs.

Money (security). New car (reliable and nice way to get around). More money (fun, freedom). Family and commumity (love).

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If you search online you’ll find thousands of way to be successful from “work at home and make $500 a day” to “join this PLATINUM mastermind for a $100,000 a year and all your dreams will come true!

I know this because I’ve invested in many online courses, coaching, classes and even some get rich quick schemes (ugh).

Some of them helped me and some of them were a complete waste of money. Some of the money I’ve got back and a lot was just like flushing it down the toilet, while learning a great lesson: (don’t flush money down the toilet!)

What I’ve learned is, I am by far the most successful in ALL aspects of my life when I stop trying to be something I’m not.

When I live with integrity, take responsibility for my life and stop trying to please others or be LIKE others (sorry Tony Robbins – I never agreed with that piece of advice!)

The #1 way to be a success is to be yourself. Your very best, most happy, talented and brilliant you. Do what you love – DO IT! Work hard, as hard as you want, but work at being YOU!

I was moved to write this blog because of a video I saw on Facebook. It’s a song written by Colbie Caillat called “Try”. Colbie is a Grammy Award winning singer / songwriter. It made me cry and happy at the same time.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard many many successful leaders stress the importance of being yourself. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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