Be Authentic

Are you authentic?

Should I have used “hell” in my title? Geez, I don’t know for sure, but I usually type what I’m thinking and that’s what I was thinking! Sorry if it offends… (well, not really).

Back to my point. The more Authentic I am when I blog, and when I “talk” (you know, actually to people, with my vocal cords – my mouth opens and shuts)…the more authentic I am, the more fun I have.

You may have experienced this… We all like to dress up for parties right?

So, you’re thinking about the party and what you’re going to where.

Here’s one typical conversation in MY head….

What will everyone be wearing? Oh, that tall skinny friend of there’s will be there – crap, she’s going to look fabulous. Maybe I should wear these high heels, or better yet, maybe I should go and buy a new outfit. I wonder what Tom should wear, I want him to look hip, cool… oh sh*%t  – I only have an hour left… what to wear? What to wear?

And here’s another, more mature way of thinking…

Oh cool. I get to dress up tonight. Hmmm, what do I have that fits me and looks great? SH**T,  I really need to loose a bunch of weight… – OK, so what do I have NOW that will fit me? Oh ya, I have those great new pants I bought last month – oh and that great scarf the kids gave me – oh and that awesome big necklace… Sweet… that top just came back from the cleaners – YES! It fits and looks good, and these shoes I forgot I had -AWWESOME – woo hoo!

I have the most fun at a party after scenario number 2.

And so it goes with Authentic Marketing. When we fret about what others are going to think when they read our blogs, or when we create our online ads and web copy, we’re headed for trouble.

I know, I know – it’s important to use key words like “Online Success Made Easy”, or “The 5 Best Ways to Market on Facebook” or “Using Pinterest to Market Your Business”! Yes – FOLLOW GOOD MARKETING RULES – but don’t use trendy keywords and phrases if they don’t jive with what YOU are about!

First and foremost you have to know WHO YOU ARE! Why are you in business in the first place?

For me, it’s not because I like to design websites per se, it’s because I love to help people express themselves from their heart! I love to see them talk about what they love to do! I love to see people light up when they understand technology or they solve a problem! I like to see people feel relief when they finally get through the muck of confusion and just go out and tell the world who they are on the web!

And second – be DISCERNING! If you love Jesus and you want to tell the world in your business marketing, know that you will attract people who love Jesus as well.

It’s not rocket science folks!

It’s common sense – mixed in with some fun.

So, what is YOUR authentic self telling you right now???



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