I love this time of year. Christmas craziness is behind us and for me life feels like a brand new canvas, clean and white and ready for a new life painting.

Happy 2013!

I haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks and as far as the “rules” of social media goes, that’s not a very good example.

But I don’t teach normal “social media rules!” I believe in authenticity and vulnerability. And I like to stay away from my computer in December. I actually prefer to take the month off to make candy, decorate, bake, wrap presents and be with family. However, I love what I do so I continue to work as long as it makes sense.

Yesterday, on January 1  2013, I posted the following to Facebook. It just came to me and I made the decision then and there that I will be blogging about what’s important to me and live accordingly:

I’ve been on many beautiful beaches around the world, I’ve prayed in countless churches, I’ve lived in big houses, small apartments, in the city, in the country, I’ve camped, skied, water skied, boated, sledded, ice skated on natural lakes, and indoor rinks, I’ve drank to celebrate and drank to excess, I’ve held and kissed babies, played with toddlers, talked with teenagers, played in the leaves, worked at my computer for hours on end, made lots of money, and worried about money, have family that I love and some that I don’t talk to.

In 2013, I know this is true, God is on the inside, as long as I’m in connection with my higher power, my God, life is amazing and magical, no matter where I am or who I’m with. And, as I am in spirit daily, the people and places I experience are full of love and I go to sleep grateful and wake up excited to experience a new day.

Today, the first day of 2013′ I’m grateful, joyfully so happy for my husband, sons, daughter in laws and beautiful baby grand daughter Ruby. The rest is gravy love.

Happy New Year!

As far as Tekmiss goes, my number one priority is to help people be successful and understand how to use online marketing to promote their real and true selves.

I believe in “teaching a person to fish” or rather helping each person or company understand what channels on social media make the most sense and how to use them.

I don’t make you successful, but I can help you understand the tools of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Blogging, good Website design and SEO.

The rest is up to you!

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  1. I love this Kathy. It’s so well expressed and I could certainly identify with what you said. Life is full of ups and downs and letting gratefulness replace worries makes a huge difference. I’m looking forward to learning from you in 2013.

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