Facebook is confusing to millions of people who would like to use it for business. Many people think since they have a Facebook account, they have a Facebook “page.”

ARRGG – will the web ever get easy?  I struggle with this just like everyone. It’s my job to learn it and to teach you!

Collective ……..   Sigh.

When you sign up for Facebook and use it to connect with family, friends, old flames, long lost buddies, etc – you in essence have a personal Facebook page (more accurately a Facebook Account).

You also have the ability to create a Facebook Page dedicated to your business, your organization, your products, your band or personal brand, and more.

Facebook Likes the Sun - do you?Here is where a lot of confusion sets in. I get asked, “Do I have to have a personal Facebook page to have a business Facebook Page?


Now, listen to me…

You have to CREATE an account, but you don’t have to use your account for anything personal. You simply have to have a means to sign into Facebook!

If you ALREADY have a Facebook account that you’re using for personal use and you want a business page, simply go to the “create a page” link in Facebook after you log in.

Why would you even want to bother with this? Because you’re missing the single biggest audience online in one place in the history of mankind! And it’s free – Ta Da!Like Me Please!

All you need to do is

1) create a Facebook page;

2) fill it up with great content;

3) get a bunch of folks to “Like” it;

4) Repeat, repeat, repeat!


Listen again…

This process is very easy but confusing. Would you like to just walk through the process without having to deal with all the confusion? Yes?

Download Facebook 101 – it’s really inexpensive and really easy!

Use “Ask Kathy” discount code for 25% off!

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