Have you heard how important it is to ‘GROW YOUR LIST?’Email Marketing is extremely effective!

Do you ever wonder “how do you grow your “list?”

Exactly WHAT IS  “a list” anyway?


Fact: Email is by far the most successful way to market to prospects and clients.

EVERY successful online marketer has a list of people who they have permission to email too. This means they are using “EMAIL MARKETING”!

Many people call this an “Email Blast.” I personally hate this phrase because it implies SPAM. We all hate SPAM – it’s destructive and a huge time waster. With that said, every email marketing setup and campaign I’m involved with follows all of the current LAWS against SPAM.

It you don’t pay attention to this (or your ‘web designer’ doesn’t) you can be black listed – meaning no one will be able to get any email you send out!

Email is very intimate. If someone gets your email and chooses to OPEN it, they’re interested in what you have to say! It’s typical to get between 10 and 18% open rate (meaning if you send out an email to 100 people, 10 – 18 people will open it), so you can see the importance of growing your list!

There are many ‘rules’ when it comes to email marketing. If you break them, you will alienate people and get a bad reputation. It’s a fine line to manage.

TekMiss helps clients:

  • Set up effective Email Marketing sign up forms on websites.
  • Create “Free” Giveaways that entice people to sign up for a list.
  • Create email marketing templates to match marketing materials.
  • Create an email marketing curriculum and schedule.
  • Analyze and evaluate data.
  • Create autoresponders and auto-scheduling.

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