Blogging is by far the best way to start an online marketing campaign.

Blogging forces you to create compelling content for your customers and prospects. It creates trust and shows you are serious about your business. By providing great content on your blog you are giving your clients reason to want to do more work with you and your prospects a reason to pick up the phone or email you. Blogs are often shared giving you greater reach. Google LOVES blogs. There are algorithms written to constantly look for new and relevant content (meaning it’s what people are looking for in your industry). It’s important to consider key words for your blog as you write content (words that people typically search for).

Once a blog is complete it can be leveraged in many ways.Blogging for SEO and Online Marketing

1. Email Marketing: Put a snippet of your blog in an email to your prospects and clients. Word it so that they WANT to click on the “Read More” link that takes them back to your website.

2. Social Media: There are many ways to share your blog on social media channels again and again. One good blog is fodder for a full week of social media campaigns.

3. Article Submissions: Your blog can be turned into an article and submitted to any number of article or blog sites that are looking for content in your industry.

4. Future Content: Good blog posts can be reused. Often the content that is written is relevant for a long time so it’s prudent to review old blog posts (over a year) and repurpose them now.

What is Ghost Blogging?

It’s just like having a “ghost writer” on a book or any other publication. You send your content, idea or written piece to a professional ghost blogger and they prepare it for a blog. Blog posts should be written in a “web friendly” voice, meaning conversational and easy to read. (This can be different for industries such as engineering, medical, academia, corporate consulting).

Preferably, the company you hire will also send out your content in email marketing and post to social media and submit to article sites and blog sites (such as the Huffington Post).

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