Facebook is a POWERFUL marketing tool.

Here’s a list of a few things that will dramatically increase your success.

Use LARGE pictures.

People love images!

It can be a picture you took or something great you found online that you are compelled to share. Share pictures you took on your iPhone of a beautiful flower, sunset, family member, animal…

Be sure that it represents your brand well. This includes your personality (if you like cats, an occasional post about cats is good. If you like art or football, the same applies!)

I’ve found that when I include something seasonal or topical the engagement goes way up!

Use inspirational quotes


There are thousands of websites devoted to quotes on every topic. People LOVE quotes that are incorporated into an image. Just like pictures, make sure they represent YOUR brand. I like funny and irreverent so…

You can find many shareable images with quotes online. Google “Inspirational Quotes” and get started. Bookmark your favorite quote websites and come back to them again and again.

Use an app to create your own quotes.

Use quotes that your target clients will resonate with. For example, if you’re a leadership coach, Google quotes on leadership! If you’re a yoga instructor, quote Buddha or Google “Yoga Quotes.” If you own a gym or a wellness facility, find quotes on health, diet, exercise, and meditation.  You can find quotes on any topic.  Be sure to credit the quote to the correct person, provide a link back to the source, and incorporate an image!

Boost your post for a few bucks

Boosting your post does cost money. I recommend spending $5 to boost a post at least once a week.

Some people think it is ridiculous that Facebook charges for your posts to be more visible. But think about it… there are millions (zillions?!) of posts every day. I think it’s a great use of money (and have seen excellent results for myself and my clients!)

Once you create your post – you’ll have the option above it to “Boost” it (again, this was just recently changed from “Promote” for those of you who’ve used this feature!)

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 9.37.52 PM

Pay attention and respond to people “liking” your post or commenting.

Always respond back and engage with the people who are engaging with you! Social Media Marketing can and WILL make lasting relationships if you pay attention and engage. DO NOT spend hours a day on this, however. Allow yourself a half an hour a day to post to your page and engage with others.

Be authentic and use the 80/20 rule

80%  inspirational, educational and entertaining.

20% sales.

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  1. Sounds like a great options! This is a real motivation for me! I am always interested to know the experience of others. Thanks for sharing!

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