Have you Blogged your Website today?

Blogging is fun when you have a plan. I have a plan, but I’m also redoing my website, so blogging isn’t as fun! Why? Because I am so excited to get the website up and running that I forget about this website which is in fact, now

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5 Rules of Authentic Marketing

1. Be Yourself. Be your true authentic self. Share personal stories. Give people an idea of who you are and what you’re interested in. 2. Be Discerning. As you open your kimono, so to speak, do it with some caution. I don’t think you should try to

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Do you want a successful business in 2012?

One Small Step is All it Takes Are you just a few months away from having to get a “real” job? One step is all it takes to move into success. That’s it. Take it now! You can only start with your next best step. You HAVE

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12 Social Media Topics – A 2012 Marketing Calendar

So, it’s 2012 (it’s actually 01/02/2012 – cool!) The year the Mayan calendar stops. I love this cartoon. It illustrates how our own perception can make us crazy or make us crazy successful! We can look forward to the future with loads of dread and fear, or

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Creating a Mayan – oops… I mean Marketing Calendar

I’ve been preaching how important blogging is. I’ve been touting that social media is fun and effective. I’ve been telling folks that email marketing is the most effective way to touch people especially if it ties back to your blog and your FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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