So, it’s 2012 (it’s actually 01/02/2012 – cool!) The year the Mayan calendar stops.

I love this cartoon. It illustrates how our own perception can make us crazy or make us crazy successful!

We can look forward to the future with loads of dread and fear, or we can live right now and do the next best thing we can possibly do!

Every step you take in your career is a giant step forward.

Every time you worry about the future you’re taking a few steps back.

I know… I’ve been there myself. So last year (a month ago) I decided to create a marketing schedule for 2012. I picked 12 topics, one per month that I’m going to write about in all of my social media channels. Blogging, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email Marketing.

The topics are:

  1. What’s Your Battle Cry?
  2. What do YOU Love?
  3. Be FRESH – Be Authentic!
  4. April Showers Bring May Flowers (and how that pertains to marketing)
  5. Planting Your Marketing Seeds
  6. Tending Online Marketing is Easy
  7. You Don’t have to do it all!
  8. People do Business With People they Know Like and Trust
  9. Know Your Voice!
  10. A Website Without an Authentic Voice is a Waste of Time and Money
  11. Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow?
  12. Ramping up for 2013

I’ll begin with “What’s Your Battle Cry?” tomorrow. Today’s a national holiday and I wanted to start the first work week of the year at least blogging.

So, tell me (and all the other viewers) what YOUR batlle cry is!

And don’t forget to put in your website and blog address.

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