Tonya Tiggett, Speak Our Language, LLC and Promoting University, LLC

TonyaTiggettI have worked with other web design companies and know how involved the process is to create a website.

I was in need of a website for Promoting University but I didn’t think I could go through the process fast enough (or economically enough) to get one done in time for a newspaper article. Luckily I met Kathy at TekMiss and she informed me of her “Website in a Day” campaign.

I had enough content ready and with Kathy’s guidance and instructions I was able to get a beautiful website done within a week (I had to get her the content first)! I was amazed at the speed and professionalism of the process TekMiss took me through.

I have a few added features to the standard “Website in a Day” but it was so worth it. I feel confident using for a long time and know  that I can grow with it over the long run.

Tracy Lawson – Author

AboutTracyPictI approached Kathy to help me build websites—one for my published books, and the other for Counteract, a year before I found a publisher.

I think the decision to invest the time, effort, and money into a website was crucial to finding the right publisher. It showed I was committed to the project, and that I’d go the extra mile to make the book stand out from the slush pile!

The Counteract website was a chance to be creative. We included things that would appeal to teens—the target audience—like playlists and quizzes. I also included some behind-the-scenes stuff, like how we came up with the idea for the book, and the photo shoot for the mock-up cover we created. We also offered a free download of the first chapter to build a following and a fan base for the book.

I had so many ideas for what I wanted from the site that I think I scared her a bit at first. But she managed to include everything I wanted in the site. And she’s always there to help me with maintenance and updating.

Arianne Moore, Path of Tranquility

I wanted to take my current website and move it over to a WordPress so that I could have control over any changes and content in it. I also wanted my WordPress website to look similar to what I already had as I truly loved the design and feel of it.

I don’t have much (if any) experience with websites I was really anxious about this change, but after talking to Kathy she set my worries at ease and let me know that it was more than a possibility and encouraged me to make the change so that I could take control. Not only did she deliver on moving my site to WordPress but she created an even more beautiful site than I expected.

Kathy also took time to train me on how to navigate through the site so that I could make any changes I desired. I am thrilled with my website and feel so blessed that I met Kathy @ Tekmiss!

Andrea Conway, President , Successful Self Employment

Andrea Conway - Law of Attraction Coach

Kathy’s ability to provide excellent service to her small business clients consistently impresses me.

She approaches each project with total integrity, expertise, and empathy for what clients experience.

If you need help with your website or any aspect of online marketing, do yourself a favor and contact Kathy. It’s rare to find an expert at web marketing who is also a delight to work with.

Zach Ferres , Entrepreneur , Bouncehost IT Solutions

Zach FerresKathy is a very talented entrepreneur in the realm of marketing, advertising, design, and web media.

She is very well known throughout Columbus as a player in the web field. Bouncehost worked with TekMiss on web development projects and it has truly been a pleasure to work with Kathy.

Kathy is very honest and she takes a sincere interest in each of the companies she is working with and delivers quality results.”

Kristen Peairs, Leap Ah-Ha Coaching

Kristen PiersKathy was a joy to work with.

She inspired me to present my business in a new way using my website.

The website she created for me is great and I’m very happy with the results.”

Alec Broadfoot, President, In The Black

Alec Broadfoot

Kathy did a great job on my web site

I was amazed by Kathy’s knowledge of the web and the amount of integrity she has.

I would highly recommend Kathy!

Byron Edgington

Byron EdgingtonFrom the outset Kathy understood our dreams and vision for a web presence.

She sensed that our idea could be even grander than we anticipated, and she helped us through the process by calling on years of web design expertise.

Kathy’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious; she kept us on track, and showed us how to lay out the design as an architect would, so it all made sense when launch day finally arrived.

Additionally, Kathy introduced us to various software products that allow us to alter and configure the site ourselves, which she knew would be important to us. We highly recommend Kathy Rausch for your web design needs.

Janice Rapp, Marketing Director, Zaner Bloser

Janice (Brewer) RappThe entire Interactive Ink team had been working with our company for quite some time when I came on board with Zaner-Bloser/Highlights for Children in 2001.

Very quickly, it became obvious to me just how creative, energetic, and passionate Kathy was in her approach to web development.

With Kathy, moving our digital efforts forward was a true partnership based on collaboration, trust, and results. She is a joy to work with and a “top pick” in people you should know!

Patty Resatka, Managing Director , Marketing Works

Patty ResatkaKathy’s vast internet marketing knowledge and commitment to her clients was an invaluable part of our business relationship. Her consultative,strategic approach made our partnership a success.

Jen Wells, Project Manager , Interactive Ink

Jen WellsKathy was great to work with and I learned a lot from her at Interactive Ink. She was always very positive and brought energy and passion to every project she touched.

Clients enjoyed working with Kathy. She listened to their needs and asked questions about their business to make the best possible recommendations that would provide great business results. Kathy is very honest, passionate and driven. I would recommend her for your interactive marketing needs.

Tim Cook, R+Dorsey

Tim CookKathy is a delightful person, savvy entrepreneur and energetic professional who “gets it” when it comes to business basics and web-based business success.

Our website fully paid for itself within a few months of launch.

Tony Pietrocola , Executive Vice President , Bridgeline Software

Tony PietracolaKathy was great to work with.

She is smart, dedicated and an absolute tireless advocate for her customers.

She is a pleasure to work with and for.

Tony Wells, CEO, Groundwork Group

Tony WellsKathy has been a friend to the nonprofit community for many years.

She is sensitive to the limited budgets, understands the proper way to convey the mission, and develops a real partnership with our local charities.

I highly recommend her services.

Brenda Stier , CEO , Marketing Works, Inc.

Brenda Stier-AnstineI always enjoyed attending meetings with Kathy on the team!

She always brought a breath of fresh air to the discussion, along with sound advice that resulted in a positive impact to the client.

John Iannicello , Web Application Developer

Kathy’s stamp on her company was a large part of what attracted me to Interactive Ink and which was reflected in the cool designs of the web sites for it’s time and the fun, creative work environment. I learned a lot from her just from observing how she conducted herself running her company, her communication with our clients and how she managed projects. She has grace, good taste and a knack for finding opportunities.

 Bill Kiefaber, Executive V.P.

Bill KeifaberKathy is a communications genius that also happens to be an innovator in the interactive marketing field.

Kathy is a strong strategic thinker, but beyond that she is an outstanding coach, mentor, developer of others and leader.

She has made a positive difference in the life and development of all the people she has managed and touched.

I recommend Kathy enthusiastically as a business partner, counselor and marketing professional.”

Bill Schafer, Owner & President , Novus Media Services, Inc.

Bill ShaferKathy has worked on projects requiring CD and DVD replication services which was performed by my company.

Her attention to detail, knowledge of her field, her creative skills and her ability to see the client’s visions, are extraordinary and far beyond the norm and she is extremely easy to work with.

I highly recommend Kathy to take you where you need to be.”