TekMiss, LLC works with Godaddy and GetFlywheel.com to provide hosting environments.

All websites are owned by YOU, the customer. You have your own login username and password.

As of January 2017, all new websites created by TekMiss, LLC are hosted with GetFlyWheel.com. GetFlyWheel.com hosts ONLY WordPress websites which makes for a much more stable environment.

If you already have your website hosted at TekMiss Hosting (GoDaddy) and you are working with TekMiss, LLC to redesign your site, we will move all content to GetFlyWheel.com

If you built a site with TekMiss, LLC before January 2017, and have it hosted atTekMiss Hosting (GoDaddy), no worries! It can stay right where it’s at unless you want to have it moved, in which case we will help you with that.

To get to your Godaddy hosting login, go to http://host.tekmiss.com/default.aspx.


To get to your GetFlyWheel.com account go to www.getflywheel.com.

If you are having issues with your website hosting the fastest way to resolution is to contactTekMiss Hosting (GoDaddy) or GetFlyWheel.com directly.

To contactTekMiss Hosting (GoDaddy), call 480-505-8877.

To contact GetFlyWheel.com email support @ getflywheel.com.

You will need your username and password.

If you need TekMiss to help you get into your account, there will be a service charge of $125/hour. Contact TekMiss if you need help.