Although TekMiss is based in Columbus OH, she offers her products and services to entrepreneurs, startups and business’s everywhere.

Web Design

With over 20 years experience in Columbus web design and web development, TekMiss will provide you with strategy and coaching different than any “web designer” out there.

You’ll be hand held through the entire process as I help you with the strategy and the design.

Nothing is decided without YOUR input.

You don’t need to know a thing about the web or online marketing… That’s where I’m the expert.

You need to know about your business – that’s where YOU’RE the expert!

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Branding & Logos

Every business has a brand, WHAT’S YOURS?

If you don’t have a logo and your business cards and marketing are “thrown together”, guess what –  that’s what your brand is!

Do you want people to think “cheap and unprofessional” when they hear your name and company name?

I know, I’ve been there.

With years of experience in Columbus branding and logo design,TekMiss was started with virtually no logo or brand. Why? Because people asked me to help them before I had decided to start the company! I quickly learned that I needed to hire help to get my website and brand together.  Believe me, it’s worth every penny.

Don’t wait – every time you give out a business card or send someone to your website, your brand etched in the minds of your prospects and clients…

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Social Media Splash!

Once you have a plan and a Social Media Strategy, you may not have time to implement it on a regular basis.

  • Social Media Blast!
    • Facebook Page Creation and Growth
    • Twitter Account Creation and Growth
    • Tweets – Lots of relevant Tweets!
    • Initial Blog Posts and Cross Linking

Don’t wait until it’s too late and what you’ve started is out of date!

Keep the momentum up.

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Social Media Coaching

If you want to do it all yourself, as do many entrepreneurs, you can use some help along the way.

After decades of Columbus social media experience, I know that coaching keeps you on track and eliminates the worry of losing steam.

A lot of people want someone to check in with them every month to make sure their marketing stays the course and is getting RESULTS!

Don’t waste another month of time and money!

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Email Marketing

EVERY successful online marketer has a list of people who they have permission to email too. Which means they are using “EMAIL MARKETING”!

Email is very intimate.

If someone gets your email and chooses to OPEN it, they’re interested in what you have to say!

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D.I.Y. Social Media Manuals

You are going to DO IT YOURSELF!

I can’t blame you! If you’re tech savvy and want to save money (we all have to save it somewhere), these products will help you hit the road running!

Workbooks and E- Books include: Facebook 101, Twitter 101, LinkedIn 101 and NOW PINTEREST 101.

Over the years, I’ve written so much content while consulting with clients that I decided to create products that ANYONE can purchase (without engaging in person)

Let’s face it – we all like to learn and do as much as we can before spending our hard earned money.

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Other Services:

Services (both nationally and in Columbus) include:

  • Social Media Coaching
  • Ghost Blogging
  • Blog Research and Content Ideas
  • Email Marketing (send out a custom E-Zine)

Many of my successful clients hire me to ghost blog and post to their social media sites. Since this is a collaborative process where the content is discussed and approved, the content is authentic and honest.

If you’re interested in working in any other capacity

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