Google announced a mobile-friendly update to its search algorithm.

Google now searches websites and lowers the page ranking of websites deemed not mobile-friendly. (Translation: you will not be found easily in Google if your website is not “mobile friendly.”)


I normally don’t get to sensational about changes at Google. Up until now, the bests ways to get good rankings in Google have been (and still are important):

  • Constantly creating new and relevant content. (Translation: you blog at LEAST once a week about content that is relevant to your business.)
  • Include SEO into your website content. (Translation: use words that people would use to search for in your blogs and on your pages. i.e. “Google friendly website” is GOOD, compared to “Google Algorithm” which is way to hard to spell and most people have never heard of the word “algorithm”)

However, this latest change that Google made (in April of 2015) is checking to see if websites are “mobile friendly” and ranks them accordingly.

If a website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will lower the rankings. (Translation; it will be much harder for people to find a company in Google if the website is not mobile friendly.)


Blogging is still super important. Keep your website up to date with relevant content. (Translation: if you are a tech company, blogging about Caitlyn Jenner may not relevant.)

Find out if your website is “responsive.”


Ask your website developer or call the company where you built your website (such as Godaddy) “Is my website responsive?”

The good news is, if you have a WordPress website that was created within the last couple of years by a professional web developer, there is a good chance it will pass the Google mobile friendly test (link is below).

WordPress websites are built with themes. Many WordPress themes are “responsive.” (Translation: A responsive website responds to where it is being looked at. It adapts to the device, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone or tablet.) If you have a responsive website, it will probably pass the Google mobile test.

Some bigger companies have custom built websites (Translation: it was hand coded by a professional developer). If that is the case, they most likely also created a separate mobile site. This will most likely pass the Google mobile friendly test.

To test to see if your website is Google mobile friendly you can go to the Google test page. (link below).

tekmiss - google mobile friendly website

Go to Google Mobile Friendly Website Tool and type in your website name (i.e. It will come back and tell you yes or no.

If you need help, come back and fill out the Website Design and Google Mobile Friendly form and we’ll get you started!


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