Blogging is fun when you have a plan.

I have a plan, but I’m also redoing my website, so blogging isn’t as fun! Why? Because I am so excited to get the website up and running that I forget about this website which is in fact, now my “old” website!

I love to blog and I love to work, but there are so many hours that I can sit at the computer. I believe there are plenty of hours in a day, it’s just a matter of how you manage it. So, when something is a top priority, it gets done. If your family is your number one priority, nothing will stop you from taking care of family business, and so it goes.

My top priorities these days are personal and spiritual growth, my relationship with my husband, my two sons, being creative (tactically, not on the computer) and TekMiss – in that order.

Being creative and TekMiss take turns for last and second to last.

Sometimes TekMiss sneaks up there, but it’s rare that I’ll put off a family request, need or desire.

If you don’t think that’s good business, then we’re not meant to do business together.

I love to work and I love my work. I’ve just made it a natural part of life. Sort of like washing the dishes. I’m kind of a neat freak, but if a family issue arises – you can bet the dishes don’t get done!

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