Are you stuck? Do you need just a little bit of help to move through a current challenge you’re experiencing? Maybe your Facebook page isn’t serving you well – maybe you would like to jump on a new platform (such as Pinterest) but don’t know how to begin, or you need a little help with your website.

Let Tekmiss help you move through your challenges so you’re able to make connections and generate leads easily and effortlessly!

Purposeful Online Marketing Coaching & Support

3 hourly sessions and/or custom work

Session 1 – Together we will review your current online challenges. We will walk through what you’re doing now and discuss your goals.

Session 2  – Depending on your challenges and goals, the second session may be in person (or online) to review what you have done to move through your challenges and get closer to your goals. It may be that TekMiss will perform a service such as tweaking your website, upgrading a Facebook page, adding an email sign up form to your website, creating a Pinterest account, create a custom manual for your online project… the list is infinite and completely dependent on your needs.

Session 3- Follow up and training.  We will discuss the progress made and/or have a live training session.


3 Hours x $150  = $450
Custom Work on Website or Social Media website
Total : $450

Your Cost is only $297.00

Order now! You will immediately receive a PDF with instructions and tips to begin with right away!