Do you have social media sites set up and are wondering , “Now what?”

Are you having trouble generating leads and growing your list?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have a website and some social media sites set up.

Now what?

How do you maximize your time and make money from Social Media?

With an online marketing plan!

I know what it’s like! I’ve been involved in technology for 25 years. 

As Social Media exploded on to the market place, I had to create workbooks my clients to keep up.

I came up with a process… which I called the Purposeful Online Marketing Plan (POMplan)

The POMplan takes all the guess work out of online marketing, and gets you started immediately!

Let’s face it – there are so many decisions to be made that it’s overwhelming. That’s why my mission is to help people out of confusion and into success!

Your entire online presence will be reviewed and evaluated. You’ll get a custom marketing and social media plan to start on immediately!

RAVING reviews for the POMplan:

Merri Bame, Public Speaking and Executive Communication Coach

Merri Bame, Public Speaking and Executive Communication Coach Breaking Down Barriers

My POMplan has become my marketing bible!

I use it all the time to reference my best keywords and phrases when I’m blogging or updating my social media accounts. It’s very exciting to understand what I’m doing and take control of my own online marketing!

Rest assured that when Kathy Rausch meets one on one with you she will quickly share tips and strategies to boost your marketability.

Kathy is tech-savvy, experienced and ready to tell the least-experienced how to focus their efforts.

After an hour with Kathy, I was energized with new, practical ideas I applied immediately!

Let TekMiss, the purposeful marketer help you get establish and build your presence.


Christy Farnbauch, Community Engagement Strategist, Strategic Links, LLC

Christy Farnbauch, Community Engagement Strategist Strategic Links, LLC


Thanks for the POMplan and the additional resources!

Again, I appreciated your thorough and honest feedback.

After we talked, I was asked to be a “guest blogger” for a conference I’m presenting at in November. So, I jumped out of my comfort zone and agreed.Two national blog posts in October for potentially 10,000 readers!

Thanks for helping me have the courage to say “yes”.


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