Most business owners I meet tell me they don’t have time to blog.

I get it. I feel that way sometimes too. I don’t blog as regularly as I “should” unless I walk my talk and remember the steps I teach to my clients!

Blogging requires passion image

1. Have a conversation. Blogging is casual. It doesn’t matter how technical, scientific or academic your topic is. In the context of a blog, you have the best results if it’s written conversationally. That’s not to say that if your topic is nanotechnology or physics it won’t be difficult for some readers to grasp. But all in all, you want to write as if you’re talking WITH your readers, not at them. Don’t lecture.

2. Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you think you can start blogging about a topic because it’s lucrative, you better do your research. Don’t try peddling dog treats online if you don’t know about dogs, all kinds of dogs, health related issues about dogs, and you love dogs!

I had a client who sells pet letters from heaven. I was writing for her blog and Facebook page to launch her online presence and you better believe I did my research. I read articles about pets, the psychology of loving pets, and the grief that people face when they loose a pet. I knew that this wasn’t a business that I personally could sustain for a long period of time because it’s not my passion! But I knew she’d do just fine once she understood the mechanics of getting into her blog and Facebook page!

3. Let your personality out. This is such an interesting topic. We’ve separated our personal and business lives for too long.

It’s a relief to be able to talk about home life, hobbies, inspirations and challenges in a business setting. Years ago, I gave seminars about “work life balance”. “life” denoted “home life” and “work” was “work life”.

I remember thinking it was ridiculous how our society thought about this. Perhaps because I’ve always worked for myself. Even then, when I had 30 ish employees, I never expected them to be online and checking email and phone messages 24/7.

We had a technology company, managing websites for many relatively large companies, so we had provisions for 24/7 support, but come on! We all have kids, parents, birthdays, sports, doctors appointments and yes, even pets! I knew this about my employees… It’s who they were.

My point with this is when you’re blogging for “business” don’t try to put on a business face or alter your personal style to portray yourself as something you’re not.

People WANT to know who YOU really are! I don’t mean you should blog about everything – UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE PART OF YOUR BRAND!

So, if you want people to know you’re an artist and you’re spiritual, let them know. If you want them to know you’re a Republican or a Democrat, let them know. But remember, anything you blog about WILL become part of your persona!

People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST!

4. Format your blog to be readable. Use short paragraphs.

I mean it.

Sometimes even just a few words or a sentence in one paragraph.

To make a point.

The truth is, people tend to scan, not “read” online. If your content is chunked in short paragraphs, it much easier for the average user to absorb.

Use bold, caps and colors sparingly but meaningfully. As I said, people scan, so if there are a few points you want to be sure your readers will get, highlight them IN SOME MANNER. But don’t OVER DUE IT!

In this blog post, I want you to see the 5 points as  you scan down the page so I numbered them and made them bold, that way you’ll intuitively choose the ones you want to read!

5. Educate. Duh. You want to learn something when you read a blog post for work or business. Why would you be reading my blog other than to learn how to do your job better? Is it because I’m an incredibly good writer and so interesting that you can’t help but read my blog posts?

Perhaps, but it’s more likely you really want to get a handle on this crazy world of marketing online.

And as usual, I have one more point.

6. Entertain! Everyone spends time on the web reading and watching things that just make them feel good.

Employers try to regulate this. I personally have to make a conscious effort not to wander down some entertaining path when I’m working! It’s so easy to look for a video on YouTube for a blog post or a website and then catch myself 20 minutes later watching “Charlie bit my finger” for the 100th time! (I embedded the video, in the odd chance that you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t seen this adorable video!)

So, in your content, add things that will entertain them in a relevant way. Or, get wild and crazy if that’s what you want your business or message to be.

I personally love kids. I think the cuteness and innocence of kids makes the world a much better place. You’ll see lots of references to kids in my blog posts.

So use videos, cartoons, and stories to enhance your blogging.

Let me know if this is helpful, or better yet, send me a link to YOUR wonderful blog posts! I’d love to share them with my loyal readers.

All the best!

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