Twitter. Zillions of folks use it. Millions love it. And probably millions successfully communicate and create relationships with it.

Twitter Cartoon

I like Twitter. But to be honest, I’m still learning the ropes – or the Twit Ties. Hmm Twit Ties – I wonder if that’s some kind of Twitter Tool.

But I digress. I personally know lots of people who use Twitter daily for communication, keeping up with news and trends. I use it to see what’s trending in the Social Media world, to Tweet interesting facts, and keep up with people I admire in different industries. I also announce new blog posts with the title – to entice people who may find it interesting.

So, here’s a great article I want to share with you. It showcases 5 tools to use to be more efficient on Twitter. I don’t use any of them at the moment, but I’m sure they’re great.

If you use any of them, or already do – let me know – I’d love your feedback!…

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