1. Stay in touch. 

I’ve met a lot of people over the course of my career. Literally thousands! I’ve made some great friends and partnered with tons of excellent people. I’ve networked at hundreds of events over the last 15 years and have gathered mounds of business cards.

One of the IMMEDIATE paybacks of using Social Media has been rekindling many of the relationships that haven’t been nurtured in years. By friending, connecting, following, retweeting and messaging, my relationships have grown and strengthened with friends, family, colleagues, business partners and vendors.

2. Forces me to know WHY I’m in business, thus continuously refine my offerings.

When I put myself and my business out there (on the internets), I have to be clear. I have to know what my message is and what I’m offering. This is not easy my friends!  I offer help with Social Media, Websites and Email Marketing and it changes at the speed of light! So when Google + came along, I had to get on board – the same with Pinterest!

As a result, I have an offering for Pinterst 101, but no offering for Google + .  It became clear to me that I was not generating much as far as leads and traffic from Google + but lots of interest and traffic from Pinterest. I also don’t particularly care for the Google + interface and so, I just don’t use it as much.  I have to pay attention, research and decide what’s best for me and my business on a daily basis.

I Love Social Media!

3. Allows me to be personal and have some fun.

There is never a time that I don’t find new things that interest me, or great people to follow when I’m using Social Media. I’m constantly expanding my horizons, learning, laughing and connecting with other people.  I enjoy Social Media! All in all I spend about an hour a day (business days!) “working” my Social Media accounts. I take weekends off! I hardly touch my computer on the weekends (but I do connect with my iPad:).

4. Ties it all together. 

Social Media, Email Marketing and Websites/Blogs can be so easily integrated these days, so sending out a message to THOUSANDS of individuals at one time is easy! (I know, first it has to be set up  – but that’s not difficult for someone as brilliant as TekMiss:)

5. Generates new business. Ta Da!!!

Isn’t this why we market at all?! Of course it is. As a direct result of using Social Media and Email Marketing, I have generated a good income from online referrals. Some people are referred from other clients, but many have followed me or connected with me and after a while, decided I was the person who could help them.

And, #6. Social Media Marketing is natural.

I don’t have to try hard to be something I’m  not. I know that when I speak authentically – like I’m having a conversation with someone, my writing flows, my ideas come and I help other people. Helping others is in my nature, so writing has become easy. It was pretty hard at first, because I thought I always had to be brilliant – come up with amazing statistics and use business jargon like “How to Monetize Your Widget” …  that’s not me. In fact, I hate the word “monetize” – it sounds like something a robot would do.

How about you?

Are you having fun with Social Media or is it still just a big confusing monkey on your back? If it is, I promise you I can help – it’s not hard it just takes a little know how and a lot of baby steps to see the rewards.


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  1. I just read this blog and I’ve decided I WILL do a series of articles on “monetizing” your IP (intellectual property). Ha Ha!

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