Has anyone read the book “A Dog’s Purpose?”A Dog's Purpose Book Cover Image

I came upon it while surfing the internets for ideas about living, working and being your Purpose. I was immediately intrigued by the image of the book cover.

I read a few of the MANY reviews on Amazon, ordered it, and then found a few videos on YouTube about it.

I’m hooked. I laughed and cried and I haven’t read the book yet.

We have a “grand” dog. Iko. Iko is a rescue dog, and my son Eric “adopted” him when he was 25. Iko is exactly what Eric wanted – a border collie, with a loving and fun attitude. Actually, Iko is MORE than that and I’ve often thought about how Iko has helped Eric and our family, as much as we’ve helped him.

He’s lively, loving, beautiful and keeps us all laughing and on our toes. (We watch him occasionally, and he visits often!). Not to mention, Eric’s married and he now has a brother named Otto. Yes, Otto and Iko who play and romp all day long – I’ll be writing a children’s book about them someday.

Back to my point.

In the little bit I know from reading the reviews and watching the video about “A Dog’s Purpose”, I can tell you it’s a novel written in the voice of a dog (or dogs?) who come back over and over and never forget what they’ve learned about their owners.  The author, W. Bruce Cameron wonders “Do we rescue dogs, or do dogs rescue us?”

So, in just a few minutes I’m convinced that a dog’s Purpose in life is to make ME a better human being. To make my husband and my son happier – to bring joy to life!

How cool is that?

How quickly do YOU inspire and move the people you meet? Do folks get a sense of Purpose and joy when they meet you? Do you make them feel better and want to learn more about you or what your work is?

If not, then you’re not clear on what your Purpose is. You can’t talk about your Purpose in life without smiling – without bringing joy. And once you’re clear on that, well, smiling and joy come a whole lot easier and people just want some of that.

Let me know if you’ve read the book, and if you’ve found your Purpose yet!

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