Several years ago at Interactive Ink, the interactive agency I used to own in downtown Columbus, we built a lot of websites. Hundreds. Great. Wonderful.

The truth is a website is nothing if no one finds it. So, we’d always ask, “Is your website a Billboard in the Desert?” Invariably, eyes go up and left, indicating that they’re picturing a billboard in the desert.

Billboard in a Desert

And then their heads begin to slowly shake up and down, and when they would “get it,”  they’re faces displayed a little bit of shame, and/or confusion.

And we would explain… no worries! Everyone has to figure this out – you have a great product, or an AMAZING service and now a kick-ass website. The next step is to get it out of the dessert and into the main stream! It’s not hard, it just has to be done!

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if this is what the online scenario would look like? (think of the car as an internet user)

One billboard in a city

Ahhhhh (angels singing) – TekMiss is the most sun shiny place on the web!

But nooo – not today, THIS is what it looks like on the web and now FaceBook:

Ads and Billboards in NYC Times Square

Think of the people in this picture as internet users! Which ad is yours (Can you find TekMiss)??

So, back to FaceBook. The following is from an article I read this morning at SocialMediaToday, written by Brent Moseng:

Facebook is the Interstate your fans are driving on, and those fans are “driving” an average of 28 minutes each, per day. Your post is one of 390 “billboards” that passes by every day on an average user’s News Feed. That’s a lot of competition!

A Successful Social Commerce Campaign

  • Product – Create a product, service, or offering that you can develop a campaign around. Try to focus in on a specific product, or bundle. Notice how McDonald’s doesn’t advertise their entire menu on a billboard?
  • Packaging – Package this product so it is compelling! What sets this apart from other deals?
  • Create a Sense of Urgency – How do you accomplish this? Limited quantity, limited time, limited editions, or discounted prices are just a few ways.
  • Post Often – Your “billboard” may only be viewed by a small percentage of your fan base today. Post often and at different times of the day to reach your entire fan base.”

Read the blog at

DON’T get discouraged! This is simply the nature of our lives on the internet today.

You CAN be wildly successful if you remain true to WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO!

Be Authentic, Be Yourself and have fun.

Tomorrow I’ll share more steps on how to do this by being “Enchanting.” You find steps outlined by Guy Kawasaki in his new book Enchantment.”

If you like what you do, you’re going to like what you read, and you’ll learn to have FUN by Purposefully Marketing Online!

Now isn’t that a great message to start off your work week with?

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