A lot of people wonder if they should even bother blogging because they don’t think anyone cares. Should they?

YES, YES YES! Because, if you blog often (and follow the 5 Rules of Social Media Success) eventually, a lot of people will notice your blog and suddenly you’ll be an “overnight” success. This happens often!

One of my friends, Nancy Kay of Moving Forward Through Divorce, has been picked up by the Huffington Post several times!

Of course, there is nothing “overnight” or easy about it. Blogging takes commitment, confidence and hard work.

Compared to starting your own business, blogging is a piece of cake. If you don’t love what you do enough to be able to have a conversation about it every day, then you’re in the wrong business.

Jump on your Soapbox!Here are some interesting facts about blogging and SEO – (Search Engine Optimization), how blogging helps you get FOUND in search engines like Google.

  • Google does not like websites that are static. What that means is, if a website doesn’t change often (at LEAST once a week), Google basically ignores it. So, how do you update a website that often? YOU BLOG! 
  • When you blog, use “key words” or words that people will intuitively search for when researching a topic. Don’t use words only you know or that are unique to your line of business. Use words that your customers think of.
  • Keep blog posts short – just like a conversation – you don’t want to bore someone with to many details. Keep it Simple:)
  • Share your blog posts on ALL of your social media sites. This creates a link BACK to your website. If you have a WordPress site, make sure you use the “Publicize” feature which posts your new blog posts on all of your social media sites. Google searches social media sites (or rather indexes them) to evaluate the validity of your website. The more places links back to your website are found, the better Google ranks you.

Do YOU have what it takes?

Jump on your soap box  and blog at least once a week. You WILL see a difference in your business if you keep it up and share great information that makes your reader’s lives better, easier or more fun!






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