Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

It’s Saturday. For me to sit down and blog on a Saturday is a big deal! I’m not one of those folks who “Crushes It!” and spends most of my time on my computer. I used to be and it became exhausting. Ok, so I’m on it way more than a lot of people, but after 8 or 10 hours, I’m done!

I spend most of my Saturday meeting with friends, cleaning my house and doing things that bring me joy and satisfaction (other than work if possible.)

One thing I’d like to say about Purposeful Online Marketing is it’s difficult for me to explain the value of working with someone like me.

It was easy when I was working with large companies with a budget for a website. They KNEW the benefit of working with a professional.

But there are ads and websites that claim you can build a website in an hour, and I have met countless people who have spent months or years on their website (and now FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and are still frustrated and not getting results.

Most of my current clients will tell you that after after trying to do their online marketing themselves, or after trying to do it for a few hundred bucks, they’re glad they went with more professional services. They’re happy to have someone who will hold their hand and help them understand all of this technology. There’s no way around it, if you’re going to do it  yourself, you have to truly dedicate time to learn the language of the internet and online marketing.

If you have a success story about building your website on your own, and generating business from it, please let me know! I’ll feature your site. I’ll blog about it, I’ll send it to my email list.

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