Hobbyists account for 65% of bloggers (no surprise!)

I remember when I thought blogging was a fad – I mean who wants to read pages and pages about a golden retriever? Evidently someone did.

The first blogs were primarily people “blathering on and on about themselves” as one of my employees used to say!

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Professional bloggers are broken down into three groups:

  1. Corporate Bloggers
  2. Part-Timer Bloggers
  3. Self-Employed Professional Bloggers

Blogging Statistics: How Blogger’s use Facebook and Twitter

  • 87% of all bloggers use Facebook
  • 81% use Facebook to promote their blog
  • 64% use Facebook to interact with readers
  • 45% say Facebook drives more traffic to their blog than it did a year ago
  • 73% of hobbyists and 88% of professional bloggers still use Twitter
  • More than half of all bloggers link Twitter to their blog
  • 34% of bloggers say Twitter is a more effective traffic source than it was a year ago

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Blogging Statistics: Bloggers and Brands

  • 42% of bloggers say they blog about brands they love (or hate)
  • 34% say they never talk about products or brands on their blogs
  • Among respondents who say they do blog about brands, 51% they said they rarely review brands, services or products among companies
  • Among respondents who say they do blog about brands, 48% say they post reviews weekly
  • 33% of hobbyist and more than 50% of the professional bloggers look at reputation when determining what to write about
  • 64% of bloggers say brand representatives treat them less professionally than they’d like

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Blogging Statistics: Mommy Bloggers

  • 92% use Facebook to promote their blog
  • 75% use Twitter to promote their blog
  • 55% follow brands on social media sites like Facebook
  • 54% have been approached by a brand
  • Half say a brand’s reputation influences their decision to write about it
  • 72% of mom bloggers are being taken more seriously than they were a year ago

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Blogging Statistics: Blog Trustworthiness

  • 46% trust traditional media less than they did 5 years ago
  • 35% believe blogs are taken more seriously
  • 19% believe blogs are written better than traditional media sources

If you’re a mommy, and you like to write, or better yet, you like to talk on and on about a subject AND write – get blogging! This may be your year to make some mula doing what you love for a few hours a day.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bloggers look to Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to their blogs.  Here are 19 tips on how to do that from Denise Wakeman;
  2. Many pro bloggers have at least 1000 followers on Twitter. Here are 17 tips from social media pros on how to maximize your Twitter marketing.


** This information was found at 2011 Blogging Stats Preview from Technorati

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