If you’re afraid you’ll make mistakes when blogging, you’re losing valuable time.

Hiding behind perfection can paralyze you. The TRUTH is there is nothing wrong with making mistakes – we all do it. Bloggers who make mistakes (typos) often have better engagement because people notice it and remember who they are. Not  judgmental “haters” who find any reason to criticize, but people in their tribe who want to learn more about the topic they are blogging about.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) – you have to be professional and check your work. I’m not encouraging sloppiness (unless that’s somehow part of your brand!)

Just get out there and connect with people!

I was reviewing graphics that I’ve created over the last couple of years and share on social media an my blog and found a big ole’ typo on one of them – can you find it below?

If you do, leave a comment below!


If someone is reading your blog it’s because they are interested in what you’re saying. If you have a mistake, a typo or even a grammatical error, they will notice it and most likely just keep reading. They may even comment on the mistake! If they do, thank them for finding it and move on (and be grateful that they were reading your blog post!)

Let’s face it, we ALL make mistakes in every aspect of our life. And we are all afraid of being called out. But don’t let that stop you from getting your message, product or service out there.

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