5 Steps to Make Blogging and Facebook Fun

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to market your business online? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of growing your list and attracting more  clients because it seems like an impossible task? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Almost all of my clients feel

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Holiday Gift – A Brand New E-Book – Facebook 101

Happy Holidays! I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks on how to thank everyone of my readers and clients. You see, I typically give away home made cookies candy to friends and family. And that’s what I WANT to give  to you all, but alas, the computer

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I just don’t have the time for FaceBook, Twitter, Blogging and LinkedIn!?

I hear this all the time from people who want to use Social Media to grow their business, but feel they don’t have the time. I DON’T HAVE TIME! (but I secretly want to…) Do you have the time to talk about  your business? Do you have

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5 Steps to Begin an Effective Facebook Page

Every day people ask me questions about blogging, Facebook, Twitter and websites. The community of small business owners, particularly those that are “solopreneurs” is under served in this market. There are plenty of people who are web designers and online marketing experts. But understanding the frustrations of

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Joy and Wonder

As I was thinking about my blog this morning, I struggled as usual with what my topic would be (I have a list of topics, and often stray from that.) I love to blog, talk and teach about doing work you love. I also talk, blog and

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Is anyone else sick and tired of all the hype about online marketing?

I haven’t blogged in a few days. I’ve been extremely busy with personal commitments and I’ve been preparing to launch a NEW product that I’m really excited about! It’s called the Purposeful Online Marketing Plan (POMplan). This product / service is being carefully crafted to make it

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Advertising on FaceBook

FaceBook is still like the original WWW, or the Wild Wild West. There are lots of gold mines just waiting to be found. If  you don’t have a Page for your business yet, I highly recommend taking the time to put one up (or hire someone like

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Social Media Marketing is marketing on Social Networking sites….

I’m doing a seminar tomorrow evening on Social Networking, or Social Marketing or marketing on Social Networking sites. I think we need a shorter name for all this stuff. It’s madness I tell you, Social Media Marketing Madness: Facebooking you say? Tweeting your Peeps? No.  Not good.

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