As I was thinking about my blog this morning, I struggled as usual with what my topic would be (I have a list of topics, and often stray from that.)

I love to blog, talk and teach about doing work you love. I also talk, blog and teach about doing other “things” you love.

I believe with all my heart and soul that if you do things you don’t enjoy most of the time, you’ll never achieve what most of us are striving for: a life of love and abundance. Freedom from worry, from conflict and depression.

And being me, I want talk about my “work” in a way that would express how much I love what I do, as it relates to “Purposeful Online Marketing.”

My intent behind the tagline “Purposeful Online Marketing” is to connect people with what they love to do, their passion(s) in life and use THAT to drive their marketing!

I KNOW for a fact that if you come from your passion, or in other words, from Joy and Wonder – you will be successful.

Why Joy and Wonder?Joy and Wonder Image

I Googled the term “Purpose.” I did an exercise that I found on The Meaning of Life: Discover Your Purpose.  This exorcise outlines a process where in 20 minutes you can “discover your purpose.”

Now, I’ve done purpose work. I’ve worked with Tim Kelley, the author of “True Purpose”. My husband, Tom Rausch is a coach who among other things, helps C level executives find their purpose and become better leaders.

But, I did the exercise, and it reinforced what I had already learned….

What my purpose is: to bring joy.

To bring joy?

How the heck do you apply that to work?

I’ve discovered that my soul doesn’t care HOW I bring joy. That’s up to me to decide.

That’s a hard pill for my ego to swallow.

“Ridiculous! What a waste of time. How do you EVER expect to earn money if you waste your time bringing joy?” says my ego.

But, in learning to be calm, to relax, to meditate and to trust life on life’s terms, I’ve come to realize that when I use technology* and learn something new, I FEEL JOY. I’m always full of wonder: “How does THAT new CMS work?” “Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!” “Woo hoo!!! I figured out how to get this FaceBook page a lot of fans!”

Joy and Wonder.

Isn’t that what you feel when you’re passionate about something? Doesn’t it light you up and make you want to learn more?

If you’re living your purpose, your passion, you will experience joy. You will experience wonder.

Curious Boy on the Beach ImageYou will be like a child who’s constantly looking for something new to learn, something new to play, a way to express WHO THEY ARE!

I love that.

And I love that here I am, “working”, blogging about joy and wonder.

What makes you swell with joy? What makes you wonder, “what’s next?”

If you share that with the world, talk about it, give speeches about it, blog about it, spread it on Facebook, Twitter and yes, even Linkedin, you will attract the people you want to work with. You will attract the employer you’d love to work for. You will attract people who want to work with you.

And if you have to “work” wouldn’t that be just a great way to go?

I know it is.

Tell me a story that can inspire other with YOUR passion, YOUR purpose!

*(I ‘m a MAC person, that’s critical in my personal joy factor)

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