I love my job. I really do.

I get to work at home, with people who are very passionate about what they do. Typically they’re working for themselves and their marketing is almost like a love letter. A love letter to themselves.

With that said, it sometimes gets a bit difficult. Not always, but sometimes.

It’s like this, when we’re getting ready to go out – we often change our clothes multiple times. Why? We’re not sure which personality we want to be. Should we look conservative with a bit of flair? How about a little sexy.. oops it might not be the right crowd for sexy. How about fashionable — oh geez, what’s in fashion today? Should I wear boots over my pants or with a skirt? Am I too short to wear this? Is my hair to long, oh lord, I’m due for a hair cut… and on an on it goes.

Well, your website is going out to the world – a world full of all kinds of people.  It’s open to anyone, all the time. They can sit and read your website, and read about you as looong as they want.

So of course it can be scary. However, if you do the work to figure out who you’re attracting BEFORE you design your website, it makes it a whole lot easier.

I have a very detailed workbook that I take my clients through. And that usually makes the design easy.

However, at this moment I’m having design issues with a couple of my clients.

And guess what I realized? Not all of the stakeholders went through the workbook. And now, as I’m doing the design, the direction keeps changing – the style, the essence.

So, here’s my point for today… everyone who has a say in the final design MUST be involved in the planning, whether it’s two people (even if you’re blood relatives) or thirty people.

Can you relate? Have you designed a website? Did it turn out as you expected (or hopefully, better than you expected?)

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