Your Purpose.

Your Soul Purpose.

Wow. Big stuff.

Talking about finding your soul purpose is a bit woo woo. But I’ve found a lot more people are a lot more woo woo these days.

Hmmm, that sounds like a Dr. Seuss-ism! I think HE knew what his soul purpose was. You can read his biography here. It’s really cool to read about the man behind the books that have made millions of kids and adults feel whimsical inside!

And let me tell you, if you do the “work” of figuring out your “soul purpose” – life becomes a whole lot easier. You begin to discern the best choice in most siturations by trusting your feelings and gut instincts. You let yourself have more fun. And you realize that the challenges in life are just that – challenges!

Challenges aren’t the end of the world. They won’t last forever. And if you look deeply into what the challenge is telling you about YOU, then that type of challenge won’t keep showing up in your life.

When you know your soul purpose, you begin to attract people who want to work with you, and who you want to work with. You find the employer or employee of your dreams. And if things “go south” as we like to say, you don’t panic (at least not for long), and you find a constructive, healthy way to deal with it!

Wow, what a great way to live.

Finding your soul purpose doesn’t mean living in la-la land, or with your head in the sand. It means getting OUT there – and loving it. It means having a good idea how to react in any situation. It means being challenged, disagreed with and discouraged… and moving through it and moving on up.

Do you know what your soul purpose is?

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