Um.. I do.

Why would I talk about fear instead of Facebook or Twitter? Wouldn’t my readers like to read about the next greatest tip for Pinterest?

Here’s the deal. Most people I meet think if they know Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest their business will take off. The truth is – it won’t.

Learning Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and any combination of the zillions of tools available to market online is GREAT. But you won’t be successful unless you post, blog and share often. Even if you have a “virtual assistant” at your disposal – YOU still have to have an understanding of what to say and how to say it. And that my friends can be scary.

The challenge you face is where to start.

YOU have a personal spin on what you do that makes your business unique and special.

So… start here…

Think of one thing that you know would make a difference in someone’s day and share it.

Here’s how:Stay Calm and Blog on

  1. Blog about it. Just as I’m writing this blog about getting OVER fear (haha, that’s the goal you know).
  2. Insert a great image. Don’t skimp – buy one if you don’t have an original (do NOT use one from Google images – that’s basically breaking copyright laws!) I use Adobe Stock Photos (9.99/month for 10 image).
  3. Copy the URL (the URL to this blog post is
  4. Post the URL to any social media site you have started. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin. If you have them all – post to all of them!
  5. If you’re afraid- do it anyway! That’s the point of this blog. Just do it. Just get your ass in gear – turn off all other distractions and do it!

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