I had an epiphany this morning. What a great way to start a Monday, huh?

Things have been bothering me and I couldn’t figure out why or what. Why do I have feelings of not wanting to do anything? Why do I struggle occasionally to MOVE AHEAD?

After some deep introspection and journaling, I realized that I don’t like to fail. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Well, duh… you may be thinking! But what I didn’t realize is I’m not failing…  I’m actually growing when I “think” I’ve failed.

I learned that feelings of “lethargy” are not that at all… they are triggers from my soul to stop, reflect and move on… I haven’t failed at all!

Me and my granddaughter at a client's staff meeting.. discussing their website and social media!

Me and my granddaughter at a client’s staff meeting.. discussing their website and social media!

The truth is: I’m growing, I’m learning and I’m doing amazing work. I have an amazing life full of creative endeavors.  Wow.

I work at home, make a great living and make up my own schedule. 

I’m a grandma who’s creating websites and helping people with social media. That’s pretty freaking cool. And I have more great things brewing… like helping women integrate their left and right brains so they are more productive and joyful.

So fail, let yourself fail everyday… and move on!



  1. I had to laugh when I read, …feelings of lethargy…are triggers from my soul. I seriously read it as… feeling of lethargy are because that’s what happens after 50. So I, drink a cup of coffee, eat a little protein and move on 🙂 BTW… met your very nice son at Bill’s show last week.

  2. LOL! That too. So, I guess it’s all good:) Thanks and yes, he said he met you too. He loves Bill’s work!

  3. Wonderful insights, Kathy.

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