Want something fresh and new in social media for business?



But first of all, let’s admit one thing to ourselves….

We have to use Social Media to compete in today’s market place.

It’s a fact folks. If you aren’t using some kind of Social Media you are considered old, stale or ignorant.

I’m speaking from experience. I’m in the same boat you are. I HAD to learn social media, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to continue working. I know what it’s like to hang my head and groan, knowing if I wanted to stay in business I had to learn a lot of new things about the internet.

I remember the days when people would cling to their FAX MACHINE, not wanting to embrace email or online contact forms. We would write elaborate scripts that would turn an email to fax, and even then, some of the clients didn’t understand where the faxes were coming from. “Stop sending us these junk faxes!” they complained. Come to find out they were THROWING AWAY the multitude of leads coming from their websites!

I’m ashamed to admit that I thought they were just plain stupid. The truth was, they didn’t want to embrace the new technology.

Sound familiar?

So, back to “Pinterest = Fresh and New!”

Pinterest is Fresh and New!

Pinterest is the hot, new social media platform that people are flocking to. Unlike Google +, Pinterest has a refreshing new interface. It’s easy to set up, and it’s visually very elegant.

We all know people who were on Facebook and Twitter in the beginning and stuck with it. They get tons of leads and many are considered gurus. Take Chris Brogan – he was an avid tweeter and blogger in the early days (11 years and counting) now he travels all over the world consulting on social media and consults with Fortune 100 companies.

Bottom line?

Jump on the Pinterest band wagon. If you do nothing else, do this. Learn how to use Pinterest for business. It’s fun, it’s HOT, it’s unique and it’s new!

Baby steps people. But take a step today!



Happy Pinning!

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