No one knows – they always leave before it’s done!

Web Design 101 Image

OK – I just made that up… I was thinking about how much fun it is to find poke fun at my “job” (social media and web design).

I could not possibly tell you how many people I’ve met over the years who started a website with someone and it never got done!

I mean, how does that happen?

Can you blame the web designer?

Most people do.

But the truth is both parties are equally as responsible.

No one should start a website project without knowing what they’re getting into.

Relying on a “web designer” to tell YOU what YOU should say to YOUR clients and YOUR prospects is just plain irresponsible.

Knowing how to communicate online is not hard. There’s just a few things you need to learn to be successful online.

If you’d like to know what those are for YOU and YOUR business, sign up for the POMplan (Purposeful Online Marketing plan).

I guarantee you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to take the next right steps to success online.

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