Yes! It’s true.You DO need a website!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I need a website!”

I Need a Website! - You aren't this person are you?

I say… “Yes, you do.”

But the BEST response is “Why do you need a website?”

Let’s explore a typical conversation after “I need a website.”

You: “I need a website!”

TekMiss: “You do? Why? What’s up?”

You: “I’m probably loosing business to my competitors..”

TekMiss: ” Yes, you no doubt are…”

You: “How much does a website cost?”

TekMiss: “It depends on what you need.”

You: “Sigh”

TekMiss:  “There’s no quick answer. But YOU need to consider how much is one customer worth? How much are 10 customers worth? There is no doubt that you’re loosing business if you don’t have a website.”

You:  “I know, I worry about this all the time. I see my competitors websites and I know I do better work than they do. It’s so frustrating…”

TekMiss: “It doesn’t need to be so frustrating! Your customers hire YOU to do what YOU DO BEST, RIGHT??”

You: “That’s what I want them to do!”

TekMiss: “Then you need to have a website that shows you’re willing to work with a professional as well. What kind of message does it send to NOT have a website, or have one that’s unprofessional?”

You: “That I’m not professional?!”

TekMiss: “Unfortunately yes!  STOP THE FRUSTRATION! ”

You:  But… how MUCH will it cost?

TekMiss: “Let’s consider first, how much is one customer worth?”

Scenario 1: Custom Kitchen Designer: “Typically around $5000, but I’d like to attract more customers who want to spend $10,000 and above.”

TekMiss: “One new customer will more than pay for a great website, and will attract high end customers. Won’t it feel great to know that you CAN attract new customers 24/7??”

Scenario 2: Career Strategist and Resume Designer: “Right now my customers start at about $300, but I’m raising my rate to $500.”

TekMiss: You only need a few new customers to more than pay for a website. And guess what? You’ll be attracting higher paying customers BECAUSE you have a professional website.” Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

You: “So, what WILL it cost?”

TekMiss:  “The typical cost for a professional entrepreneur or small business website is between $1,500 and $5,000.”

You: “Why is it so much money? I can make one for free on GoDaddy, or with Intuit…”

TekMiss: “Do you consider yourself a professional?

You: ” Well, yes, but…”

TekMiss: “Of course you do! Because you are a professional.”

You:  “OK, yes, it’s time….but I have a nephew (or niece, husband, son, daughter, friend, friends kid, kid’s friend…) who said they’d do it for me for free – for the experience.”

Dude - my uncle said we could build his new website!

TekMiss: “Professional – you’re a professional, remember?”

You: “You’re right. I am a professional and I’m tired of wasting time worrying about this.”

TekMiss: “Great! You will be so proud of your website and excited to show it off to your next potential clients!

You:  “How long will it take to get MY NEW WEBSITE up?”

TekMiss: “30 days IF you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get some work done.”

And the rest as they say is “History!”

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