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10 practical tips to get your tweets retweeted!

1. Hours of the day: Peak tweet hours – business hours (between
9am-5pm; I guess that’s one of the very few advantages of having a
J.O.B. – you get paid for tweeting). Peak retweet hours – 3pm to

Moral: if you want to be read, tweet in the morning; if you want to
be retweeted, tweet at night.

2. Days of the week: The worst day for RT is Sunday; it picks up
from there and peak RT day of the week is Friday, going back down
from there.

3. Use links: Tweets with links are retweeted much more often –
meaning: send your social media generated traffic to good content.

4. Use URL shorteners are retweeted the most
(tinyurl is retweeted the least – don’t ask me why).

5. Length: forget 140 characters, the shorter the better. 120
characters is the new maximum if you have any chance to be

6. Use hashtags: using existing hashtags greatly increases your
findability by Twitter users and Twitter bots alike.

7. Short profile names help. This one is optional, but very helpful
for obvious reasons. The shorter your name is the more space you
leave for retweeting.

8. Punctuation matters: Overwhelming 93% of all retweets contain
proper punctuation in them, particularly colons and periods. So pay
attention to those small details.

9. Most Retweetable (read: generate the most targeted traffic)
Words & Phrases social media increase your targeted website traffic

1. you                            11. please retweet

2. twitter                        12. great

3. please                       13. social media

4. retweet                      14. 10

5. post                            15. follow

6. blog                            16. how to

7. social                          17. top

8. free                             18. blog post

9. media                         19. check out

10. help                           20. new blog post

As you can see, the word “YOU” ranks as number one – a reminder
that we all like to be talked to on a personal level. If you are
talking to “me”, then I am more likely to retweet you.

The word “PLEASE” is very important. If you want to be retweeted,
ask for it and be polite while you are at it.

Tweeting about your new blog posts, particularly on social media,
is a smart thing to do as well.

10. Least Retweetable (read: generate the least amount of targeted
traffic) Words

1. game                            11. well

2. going                           12. sleep

3. haha                             13. gonna

4. lol                                 14. hey

5. but                                15. tomorrow

6. watching                      16. tired

7. work                             17. some

8. home                            18. back

9. night                            19. bored

10. bed                             20. listening

This blog contains content received in an email from

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