Overwhelm seems to be a natural part of our world today.

We literally have more choices today than we will ever be aware of.

Think about it, there are billions of websites, thousands on every topic you Overwhelmed?can think of.

There are shopping malls, restaurants, and local joints everywhere.

We have video games and board games, virtual worlds and amusement parks. We can bowl with WII! Or in a bowling alley, play Frisbee at a park, or on your video game and TV.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur… Do you buy a laptop or an iPad? An Apple or a PC? Do you create your own website, or “gulp” hire someone to help you?

Do you work a at home or in an office? Do you hire a virtual assistance, a bookkeeper? Do you join networking groups, or market online?

Do you use FaceBook’ LinkedIn, or Twitter?

It’s as if choices are being forced on us.

Mayberry RFD looks pretty good these days… you got up, went to school or work, answered the telephone (if it ever rang), and used pencils every day.

In a meeting recently, I had small leather holder for my PAPER calendar. When I unzipped it and took out a pencil (a yellow #2 pencil)’ jaws literally dropped – “what… you use PAPER?.”

So… how do we maintain sanity? How do we grow and and stay “current” without loosing ourselves and becoming completely overwhelmed? This seems to be a question that’s facing everyone.

I have met countless people from artists to business folks, young and old who just don’t want to take on one more thing. And I say — DON’T!

Remain true to yourself. Learn what you love to do and do that.

If it’s cutting hair, or day-trading, baking bread or building websites… do what you love to do and focus on it.

Do not take on any kind of online marketing until you’re sure you want too. And then, and only then, will you be successful.

Facebook does not make a company successful.

Having a killer LinkedIn profile won’t get you the perfect job.

Twitter will not make you cool.

Blogging does not make people stay at your website.

You have to clear about what you love to do and go for it! Then, people will want to talk to you about it so, go out and meet people (in person).

Create great services and products. Then tackle the online animal.

Make Social Media work FOR you and it will be fun!

— Start with TekMiss D.I.Y. Products!

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