Do you ever struggle to get work done?

Do you wonder why you have so many “mundane” things to attend to like spreadsheets and taxes when you have a PURPOSE to get too?

Do you ever get overwhelmed and wonder if you’re doing the right work?Overwhelmed?

If you said yes to any of those questions above, we’ve been in the same boat, paddling the same paddle. I read something yesterday after sweating for 90 minutes in a hot yoga class that was kind of life changing….

As a society we’re all constantly striving to be happy. Constantly. And it often does exactly the opposite – it makes us miserable.


Because we’ve forgotten that there are many things that need to be done if your definition of happiness includes:

  • Prosperity or earning a great living
  • Being in a committed happy marriage or relationship
  • Having children
  • Having a great job
  • Driving a nice car
  • Being an entrepreneur and working your own hours
  • Be in good physical shape
  • Retiring comfortably

Let’s face it – none of those things in the list above can be done without “work.”

But we all want happiness sooo bad that we call everything in our life that doesn’t feel good “work “or “bad” or “mundane”. So after work we go out for drinks or worse, we don’t wait till after work! The rate of addiction in our society is ridiculously high – in part because we just have coddled ourselves to death.

Frankly, I’m tired of the coaches or consultants that are out there telling us that if we can just dream it, it can be ours. Period. I hate the over the top sales pitches and LOOONG sales pages that portray a six figure income if you just buy this incredible video or audio series.

I have bought into my fair share thinking that I must be missing something – even though I know how to use social media, create websites and work hard. What am I missing?

Here is what I’ve learned….

There is NO SECRET!

We – you and me have to do the work. And that is where “painful happiness” comes in.

I know how great I feel after I’ve done the “painful” work of writing a blog, creating an email with that blog, sending it out and promoting it all to of my social media sites.

I know how great it is to watch the Facebook pages I’ve created for my businesses grow AFTER I did the painful work of creating the page and promoting it.

I know how fantastic it is to get business from LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest – after I did the “painful” work of creating and cultivating these accounts.

When my taxes are done and sent off to the IRS – even if I owe a bunch of money, I feel great!

When my bills are paid and my bookkeeping is up to date, I feel great.

You see what I’m getting at? Nothing is easy in the sense that you don’t have to work for it.

In the words of my granddaughter Ruby -“TA DA!”

Me and Ruby ~ an Epic Selfie!

Me and Ruby ~ an Epic Selfie!

So do that work that you’ve told yourself is painful – like learning how to create a Facebook page, set up a Pinterest account or getting your taxes done. And guess what – you’ll be happy! There is really no need to call it hard or painful. It just is. And that’s what was kinda life changing for me yesterday.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking that the small details, mundane or tedious things I need to do are hard or painful ~ wow.

If you want to be successful on social media – you gotta set up social media!

If you want hundreds or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of blog followers – you have to blog (a lot!)

And with that – If social media is your “work” I’ve created a few DIY products that will make it just a little bit more fun and certainly a little easier. You just gotta do the work!

 ** I think coaches are great!! The coaches I’ve used make me work and have helped me grow tremendously! You can read more about some coaches I’ve used in my Success Series.

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