No, I’m not talking about McDonald’s…. (I heard they have amonia in their hamburger meat – GROSS!)

I’m talking about the people who’ve purchased the Purposeful Online Marketing Plans (POM Plans)… they are loving them.

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I’m getting comments like: “Thanks Kathy, this is such a huge relief!” and, “I’m so excited about the progress I’ve made on my website – check it out!” and, “This plan has become my work bible! I use it every day when I blog or Tweet, or update Facebook.”

It’s so gratifying to EMPOWER people to take control of their online marketing.

If you can do it yourself, you save a ton of money. But more importantly – it actually gets done!

A stale website or blog is an immediate turn off to current clients and prospects.


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A few hours a week, or just one hour spent social marketing with a PURPOSE will get you more activity than you can imagine.

Do yourself a favor and consider spending a few bucks on your own personalized plan to improve your visibility immediately. And by the way, the iPOM Plan is 100% guaranteed!

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