It’s spring! Time to begin planting seeds.

Have you ever planted something in your garden and then, well forgot about it? Perhaps you thought about it often, but just didn’t have the time to tend to it. And then what happens?

To many sprouts grow in a small area and they choke each other out.

I’m reminded of the “too many sprouts” scenario when I think of online marketing. I’ve tried everything, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Article submissions, E-Zines, etc. And guess what happens if I have too many things going on at once?

They choke each other out.

There are so many options today. The biggest challenge is to find the perfect seed.

The “magic seed” – Authenticity.Sprouting Seed of Authenticity

When I realized that being “authentic” was more important than anything else I can do, it became possible for me to tend to any seed I planted.

Whether it’s Facebook, blogging, article writing, Twitter, or anything else, I find that the more true to myself I am in my messaging, the more successful I am. I attract more customers, my work is “easier” to accomplish and I look forward to getting up and “going” to work!

Coming from a place of authenticity takes away the stress of wondering if I’m doing the right things. It takes away the worry that I won’t attract the right customers.

Wouldn’t you like to come from a place like that?

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