What does it mean to blog purposefully? Hmm… that could imply a lot of things.

I am purposefully going to market THIS product. In order to do that, I must tell a great story about how this product is going to make my reader’s life easier. Or perhaps let my readers know that this featured product is the latest and greatest thing-a-ma-bob that EVERYONE in their industry is getting… so they better get one quick… (iPad).

I’m purposefully going to talk about the amazing experience I just had with a client. Why? Well, I think it would help my readers learn how to handle this sticky situation that my client had. And how my client came out smelling like roses.

I’m purposefully going to tell my loyal readers a great tip that will just completely make their day. Like what? Well, let’s say I’m a bread maker. I have loyal readers who buy my bread, but also love to download my recipes. I think I’ll reveal the amazing combination of herbs, dried tomatoes and aged cheese I concocted today, which resulted in some of the yummiest bread I’ve ever made.

So, for today… let’s see…  I’m going to purposefully brag about my son, who’s a local ceramic artist (Eric Rausch). You wouldn’t believe the beautiful vessels he’s making in this phase of his career (how about a picture?)

Eric Rausch. Very TALL vessel in the works

In fact, I’m so proud that I’ll even include a video.

I think it’s interesting and someone out there may find it interesting too.

So, blogging can be about a lot of things. And it should be. You want your readers to get to know who you really are. You want them to feel entertained and educated!

The best strategy is to have list of items you feel compelled to blog about. Personal and business. Keep an ongoing list, perhaps with an outline of the blog so when you sit down to type, it’s quick and fun.

Have a schedule. 7:00 am every day. 8:00 pm twice a week, a little more often than you feel comfortable with. Put it in your calendar just like you would schedule a meeting.

And the amazing reality is YOUR reality (and my reality) is pretty interesting.

What can you pull out of your experience that would interest others?

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