Andrea ConwayHave you heard of the “Law of Attraction?” Andrea Conway is a Law of Attraction coach who has been working with very successful entrepreneurs and corporate business people for over 15 years.

When I personally heard the term “Law of Attraction”, it was well before “The Secret” was published. The same is true for Andrea. She has been studying the Law of Attraction since 1997. Keep in mind – this is a very old philosophy.

I worked with Andrea Conway back in 2007 after we sold our first digital / website company, Interactive Ink, Incorporated. I found Andrea online and have never met her in person! I must have searched for a coach who worked with conscious entrepreneurs.

Andrea Conway is smart and business savvy. She’s sort of a no-nonsense kind of coach who uses the teaching of Abraham-Hicks as the basis of her coaching. By the time I hired Andrea, I had been in business, mostly as an entrepreneur, for about 20 years. I’d been through sales training, motivational seminars, Franklin – Covey workshops and the like. And I was still pretty clueless as to how to be truly successful.

After working with Andrea, I realized what had been bothering me. I had worked so hard to be what I was “supposed” to be… but I never fit in. I hate the term “dress for success” and I found out why. Success comes from the inside! If you don’t like what’s going on inside yourself, guess what – your world and business will reflect that.

Andrea helped me see that clearly and launched me on my path to becoming a successful AND happy entrepreneur!

Here’s what Andrea has to say:

What made you decide to start coaching others?

In 1992, as I was quitting my corporate job to go out on my own as a marketing consultant, I realized how terrifying it was leave the “safety” of corporate. Not that corporate was all that safe –it was a time when many managers were getting laid off in the tech industry.  I still don’t know how I got up the courage – especially because my husband at the time was dead set against it and we had just taken on a very expansive mortgage on a new home. Intuitively I “knew” it was time to create my own business… and as soon as I did, former colleagues began asking me how I’d done it… I discovered that I loved helping them create their own businesses too, and that’s what led me into coaching business owners.

What is the focus of your coaching?

I help spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs learn to market their businesses in harmony with the Law of Attraction. I teach them how to take what I call “aligned action” in business.  When your actions arise from your spiritual alignment and inspiration, you eliminate the self-doubt and stress that plague most new entrepreneurs. When self-doubt is no longer nips at your heels, you discover enormous reserves of creative energy for your business.

What makes you different than other coaches?

I do my best not to compare myself to other coaches – I’d rather get as clear as possible about who I am… which is: the Law of Attraction marketing coach for spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs ready to make the money they like from the business they love.

Where are most of your clients?

Most of my clients are in the United States and Canada, but I’ve also worked with clients in Europe, Australia, India, and Mexico.

How would someone begin an engagement with you?

Visit my blog at and click on the “free coaching session” offer in the box at the top of the left column. I love talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses!

If you had one piece of advice to share with a woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

It would be: get out there and do it! Women who want to own businesses are so lucky to be alive today. I read recently that we’re starting businesses at 3x the rate of men these days. The barriers to women’s business ownership have truly been removed, and now is our time. But you need to commit, and you need to get resilient, because self-employment is a path of rapid expansion – spiritually and at every other level. If you start to freak out: get help. A coach is trained to be your ally. You deserve to be supported as you create your unique path to authentic success.


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