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I met Doreen about 7 years ago. I had just read the book “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn which was written in 2000. The book was an early introduction into the “Law of Attraction”, looong before “The Secret” came out.  I actually stumbled upon the book – we were at a friend’s house in Washington D.C. for a visit and I was using the book to write on. When I saw the title, I asked if I could borrow the book from my friend. It was LIFE CHANGING.

I had always known that “positive thinking” was a great thing and was intrigued by the concept (how funny is that – that I was intrigued by “positive thinking”…) However, like most people, saying affirmations wasn’t working because I still felt shame, guilt, remorse, sadness for things that were beyond my control.

“Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” was an astounding find for me. The idea of focusing on what I wanted in life, rather than what went wrong, what I did wrong and feeling guilt was exhilarating! I introduced it to my husband and together we went through all the work outlined in the book and it was HARD! It brought up tons of things we had been harboring for 20+ years of marriage – BUT the book had techniques and tips to “flip it” to something positive. It didn’t take us long to realize that what we truly wanted was to build a relationship based on love and joy, so it was really OK to give up the guilt and blame. WOW!

Doreen Banaszak

What does this have to do with Doreen Banaszak??

I found that Lynn Grabhorn had passed.

Doreen was asked to write the sequel to her book, “Excuse Me Your Life is Now”, so I immediately found the book and researched who Doreen was.

When I discovered that she was a “coach” – which was also a new concept for me, my husband and I hired her.

Doreen’s unique approach to coaching is along the lines of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings (in my opinion.) It’s all about accepting what is and she has amazing techniques that I still use almost every day!

Doreen teaches that if you can’t accept who you are and what your circumstances are right now, you can’t open yourself up to change. Why? Because you’re stuck in what you don’t want. Your mind is closed down and resisting possibilities.

I love Doreen’s work and I’m sure you will too!

What made you decide to start coaching others?

No matter what position I held I was always interested in helping others I managed to get honest about what they really wanted to be doing, believe they could do it and then take action in that direction.  I would coach my staff out of their jobs, and often the company, into their ideal career and I especially loved when they would choose to start their own businesses.

What is the focus of your coaching?

I focus on helping people who are stuck or struggling to get a certain result.  I teach them a process that they can not only apply to their current result, but to any result they want to create.

What make you different than other coaches?

I’m not sure if this makes me different, but people who work with me often say that I am authentic which helps them to open up and be honest about what they want.

Where are most of your clients?

All over the world, but primarily in the US. 

How would someone begin an engagement with you?

If someone is stuck and struggling with an unfulfilled goal or result they have been wanting then they can shoot me an email at and we can schedule a 20 minute call where I guarantee I will get them unstuck.

If you had one piece of advice to share with a woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

The key to success is to have a high opinion of yourself for it will drive your experience in every endeavor you undertake.   

 “Have a high opinion of yourself!!” I think I’ll give THAT  whirl!

You can read more about Doreen and download her e-book at

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