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rich-life-marketing-logoAs the company name implies, Meredith Liepelt of  “Rich Life Marketing” is much more than a “business” coach. I hired Meredith because I loved her energy and enthusiasm to help entrepreneurs become “famous” by “Raising their Celebrity Profile”. However, if you know me at all – I’m all about being authentic – so being famous to me is not about creating a persona that manipulates the public – it’s about becoming the very best YOU and getting OUT THERE!

Meredith’s products and services are a really unique blend that help you be famous in print, on radio, in the media, online, and onTV. Honest to goodness, I’ve seen entrepreneurs land on TV within a few months of working with Meredith. Now, being on TV is not on my list of what I want to do, but she has taught me how to get in front of a video camera with ease (and quickly), write press releases, respond to press inquiries and make my entire presentation shine!

I HIGHLY recommend Meredith to anyone looking to Shine! Not just online – but in your life!

Following are the questions I asked Meredith for this interview:


What made you decide to start coaching others?

I had another business and people from all over the country called me to ask my advice about how I marketed my business so successfully. I loved helping them and then one day it dawned on me that I could actually coach and mentor others formally, make a bigger impact on the world and make great money doing it.

What is the focus of your coaching?

My focus is on helping entrepreneurs to become famous in their fields so they can find the clients, partners and opportunities they want.

What make you different than other coaches?

I share this space with thousands of amazing marketing, branding and leadership coaches, but I rarely feel competitive with them.  What makes us all different is our personalities, our worldview and our own personal experiences.  People who want to work with me want to know how to take the stage literally and figuratively and enjoy being with me because of my style of coaching which is practical, inspirational but also provides a loving kick in the pants when necessary.(This happens frequently, I must admit!)  I am also known for going above and beyond for my clients.  I just can’t help myself!  I get very excited about what is possible for them.  I can usually see the bigger possibility for them before they can see it themselves.

 Where are most of your clients?

I work with clients from North America mostly – US and Canada.  I do a lot of my work virtually.

How would someone begin an engagement with you?

They would just fill out a complimentary Visibility Makeover Application here and then someone from my office will get in touch with them to see if we’re a fit for each other:

If you had one piece of advice to share with a woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

People can spot a fake a mile away so don’t try to be just like someone else. Be yourself. That is really how to stand out and make an impact.

You can contact Meredith at her website:


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