YOU have a light to shine!

Your are BORN with that light and no matter how hard you may try, that shine aint going away.

Your light is here to stay. It is, in fact, what breaths your breath and pumps your heart. It’s there inside you all the time, no matter what you’re doing or where you are.

Your light WANTS to shine – in many big and beautiful ways!! Shine Bright!

This may sound fluffy and like it doesn’t have anything to do with business but I’m hear to tell you it’s CRITICAL to understand this if you want to succeed!

I don’t care if you’re an executive coach working with the CEO of Fortune 100 companies or you sell cupcakes out of your kitchen – this matters!

If you’re an entrepreneur you have a light that wants to shine so bright, it gave you the courage to start a business! (Did you ever wonder, what the hell did I do? Well, your little light is in the background giggling and encouraging you to keep on keeping on)

Your light keeps telling you that you have an exciting story, product or service that you HAVE to share with the world. Making money is almost secondary to that little light of yours.

Facebook, Twitter and all of the other online tools are places ideal to shine your light and attract people to your website and blog.

So, here’s the number one secret – get in touch with your light that asked you to start this business in the first place. Get in alignment with that light! Feel the excitement, the urge to share and grow and sell your stuff!  Then, have a conversation with the world ONline!

Pretend the entire world is listening.

Pretend that YOU ARE THE PIED PIPER of your industry, that EVERYONE wants to know what you’re talking about because you have the MOST AMAZING PRODUCT, or you can HELP PEOPLE IN WAYS THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN!

Give lectures (on your blog), hop on your soap box (on your blog), share little bits of helpful information (on social media), awesome anecdotes , pictures, videos and inspirational items that will HELP people (everywhere). Meet and chat with other people who will also help your potential clients (anywhere online). And at least once a week, perhaps 3 perhaps 4, ask them to buy something. Share a special event or product.

SHINE ONline my friends! Shine on!

For a FREE 30 minute Shine ONline! Coaching session, click here.


  1. Wow, I was looking for inspiration today and found you. How lucky am I. We sound so similar. I also just want to help people SHINE. 🙂

    • Wow – yes we have a lot in common. Love your website. Mine is a bit dated but it gets me the leads I can handle:)

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