I was in a class at my church last week and I mentioned that I rarely watch or listen to the news because it’s just too negative.

Today I was researching Sesame Street.

A simple search in Google for “Sesame Street executives” brought up countless articles complaining that Sesame Street is too “liberal”, too “leftist”, “spreading liberal propaganda”, “supporting the gay community”, being “too supportive of immigrants”, etc.

WOW. I remember Sesame Street being one of the most positive things in my kids lives.

Why, oh why do we have to label everyone and every thing? Why can’t we all at least TRY to appreciate each other for our differences and be happy that we’re alive and thriving on this amazing planet, in this amazing country?

Arrrgggg. I for one would like to officially say,


Happy Kids - Let's Keep it That Way! image

You brought happy smiles, out loud singing, games and laughter to my household.

I feel better now:)

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