Great tips from Andrea Conway – Business and Personal coach

She believes that people are NOT afraid to become successful. She believes that they are afraid of the CHANGES they will have to make in their lives and their relationships in order to be successful.

It’s the fear of change that stops most people from being successful.

Things to do to “stop the money leak”

  1. Write down all of your services and prices.
  2. Practice saying the prices out loud – record yourself so it’s easy and you’re confident when someone asks you.
  3. When someone asks you about your services and prices, deliberately speak faster than you normally would – it shows confidence
  4. Research what others are charging in your industry – it may vary wildly, but from that come up with your pricing that feels right and ENOUGH to you.
  5. If you aren’t charging enough now, start immediately by raising your prices with new customers. If you don’t feel comfortable going from say $100 / hour to $250 / hour, raise it in increments until you feel confident. Consider carefully if you are going to bump your rates with current clients.
  6. Do NOT give away your services for free. You may be asked often for “advice” – you can tell people WHAT you do but now HOW you do it. If they push you, tell them what would be the best thing you offer to help them. They will get clear that you’ll discuss what you do, but not give away all of your knowledge.
  7. Don’t barter – bartering was created when we didn’t have money! Now money is the universal medium of exchange. There is almost always one person in the relationship who is compromising in a barter situation.
  8. If you feel you have to give away something for free to get business, get clear on what that is and make the DECISION to give it away for free. i.e. a free 15 minute consultation (don’t give away to much and solve the prospects problem!)
  9. Spend time doing things you love to do that are NOT work related. If you allow yourself to play often – as often as you feel moved, your business will prosper. No one wants to do business with a burned out, unhappy person!
  10. And what she considers the most important – spend 15 minutes a day with God, or spirit in meditation, prayer or what feels good to you. It’s critical to quite your mind and give your brain a rest. This will open you up to inspiration and guidance in ways you never thought possible.

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