Have you read the book “The Diamond Cutter?”The Diamond Cutter Book Image

If you haven’t, may I suggest you consider it?

It’s an incredibly interesting book about a modern day monk, who was told to bring the Buddhist ways into the world of business, in the diamond industry.

Through it all, we have a wonderful story of how the Buddhist traditions can transform a business to be profitable and sustainable.

While reading it I was struck by all of the “assumptions” I had in my mind about “the diamond industry” and modern monks that reading this book refuted.

Diamonds ImageFirst of all, how in the world does my mind even think it KNOWS anything about the diamond industry?

All I honestly know is what I learned from marketing… “diamonds are a girls best friend,” and Tiffany diamonds are by far the “best” and the most expensive. Not to mention the horrible world of the diamond industry that’s full of blood and death and evilness….

Is any of that true? Of course not. But I never paid any attention to those “untrue truths” I’ve allowed to enter into my consciousness over my life. Now, it’s really not a big deal like bigotry is, but nevertheless, they are untrue truths, that were just planted in my mind.

And “modern monks”?

Modern Monks in City ImageI know that there are a lot of “monks” out in the world. I also know that they’ve made an effort to become part of main street society. But I never in a million years thought a monk would run a multi-million dollar diamond company. Did you?

So, as I was reading the book, I thought about how great it is that the world is now full of millions of blogs, and people on Facebook and Twitter, bringing us the facts moment by moment. OK, not necessarily “facts” but certainly social media is a finger on the pulse of society. And not just “our” society (being of course, America) but the world in which we live.

Governments and corporations have been changed forever due to the nature and culture of the internet.

Now I actually read the “old fashioned” book (WOW, I can hardly believe I just wrote that!)

But it begged me to dive deeper into how many “untrue truths” that have been pulverized by our open, collaborative, wild west, web.

I’m just saying….

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