Today, I start the “Ultimate Blog Challenge!”

I’ve committed to blog every day for 31 days. Why would I do that?

Well, a lot of successful entrepreneurs blog every day. I always thought that it should be “easy” to blog at least 2 times a week. In fact once I put up this blog, I was sure that I WOULD blog that often.

But time gets away, my day begins and I don’t give blogging a thought. And then when I do, I have trouble coming up with an idea of what to blog about.

This is so counter to what I “preach.” Yikes, there I said it out loud. I tell my clients to come up with a list of ideas to blog about. Blogging should be easy, once you decide what it is you’re going to blog about. Why? Because blogging is conversational. It’s not a dissertation on a subject. It’s not a “white paper” filled with lots of facts and figures, well, at least not most blogs. I’m sure there are some blogs in certain fields that are deeply intellectual, academic and scientific.

In any case, I do believe that if you have a schedule blocked out to blog, a list of ideas of what to blog about and you STICK to the schedule, theoretically it’s something that is easily accomplished.

And another reason is purely to increase the visits to my website. I’ll be keeping track to see if my traffic goes up, and if I get more comments. I know some people read my blog because I’ve had a few comments, and when I’m out and about, people comment about one of my latest blog posts (which is fun.)

So, I’m armed with a list of topics and I’ll block a half an hour into my schedule to blog every day. Even Saturday and Sunday, days which I often don’t even sit behind the computer. Ha, another reason to get that iPad!

Some of the things I plan to blog about are:

  • The book “Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki
  • Living your Purpose
  • FaceBook success stories
  • Things NOT to do when blogging
  • Twitter, to tweet or not to tweet – is that the question?
  • Being authentic in business, and why that could make or break you
  • The differences of working with entrepreneurs and corporations
  • Baking bread, and how it helps me stay focused
  • Mandalas, how painting them has saved me
  • Some of my favorite YouTube videos

I would be thrilled if you would SUGGEST blog topics! Got any? Let me know.

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