TekMss Social Media Success KitDo you cringe when you think of social media?

Do you dread the thought of blogging?

Do you wish it would all just go away?

You’re not alone!

There aren’t many entrepreneurs who are excited to use social media. Most women I meet tell me they can’t write so a blog is out of the question.

And yet, we all know that social media and blogging are a necessary part of a successful online marketing strategy. So what do you do? Go to social media classes that leave you exhausted? Spend countless hours downloading and reading free reports and not learning a practical thing? Put up a Facebook page you never post to?

Stop the insanity!

Take a moment and consider why you‘re in business for yourself in the first place!   I hope this is your answer… “Because I love what I do!”

If it is, then you have nothing to worry about. Social Media and blogging will come easy to you.

Notice that I didn’t say “setting up your social media channels and hooking them all together into a seamless marketing process will come easy to you!”

THIS is what’s causing so much angst these days. We think we should just hop on Facebook and magically create an effective marketing channel, or start blogging and get all kinds of wonderful comments and leads.

Don’t fool yourself – it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not rocket science for sure, but it’s a bit complicated and there are some very specific steps to take to make your social media channels most effective.

Successful Entrepreneur Shining Online!

Your first and foremost job as an entrepreneur developing an

online marketing plan is to get clear on why you’re in business.

To get clear on what you’re sharing with the world and what your unique gifts and talents are.

Next, consider how you talk about your business to friends, family and trusted colleagues.

Effective social media marketing is a conversation. A conversation with the world. This is YOUR soap box. This is your place to proclaim to the world what you’ve been busting at the seams to share!

Don’t concern yourself with people listening at first! If you’re consistent and persistent in your online marketing communication, your message will reach your tribe. It takes time and it takes consistent effort.

Consider this. I know how to set up websites, blogs and social media. However, I wasn’t clear on what my message was. I came at it backwards… Even though I already had a blog and all the social media channels set up, I was still having problems wondering what to write…

So, I hired a Business Coach (Molly Luffy) to help me get crystal clear on my talents and strengths and how my business helps others. I had to get clear on why I was in business and what I absolutely love about it!

Now, social media and blogging are just as natural as making coffee every morning.

Follow these steps to begin (or enhance) your successful relationship with the online world:

  1. Be honest and confirm that you love what you do, and you’re clear on your gifts, talents and messaging.
  2. Start from where you are right now. Pick ONE channel, blog, Facebook, Linkedin or whatever… and decide you’re going to make it as perfect as you possibly can.
  3. Once you’ve picked the ONE thing you’re going to concentrate on, either hire someone to make sure it’s set up correctly, or search online for instructions and follow through until you know it’s set up correctly and you love it.
  4. Pick 3 high level topics that you are passionate about. For example, 3 high level topics for me right now are 1) Authenticity; 2) Marketing on Pinterest; 3) Making Social Media Fun.
  5. Dissect each topic into 4 sub topics and wha laa! You have a 3 month marketing schedule. Each week, find articles, write articles, find videos or images to share.
  6. Go back to number 2 and begin again!

And lastly, take a deep breath and know that you’ve already taken the hardest step. You are out in the world doing what you love and that my friend is HUGE. Social Media and blogging are a piece of cake compared to that.

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